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Mobile Collaboration
Month shows a month.
Agenda shows all of your meetings and appointments in list form for the
specified time period.
To-Do List shows your Task list.
You can’t see your schedule details in like you can with the
desktop version of Outlook, but you can add and change items to get the big
picture and then deal with the details back at your desk.
Mobile Collaboration
It’s great to be able to see your calendar when you’re away from home (or
your desk). If you’re a busy person and have lots of appointments,
gatherings, and meetings, you have my sympathy. To help you keep track of all
those fascinating confabs, Outlook gives you the tools to stay current on
who’s meeting when. Otherwise, you might miss that meeting, and (horrors!)
they could be talking about you.
Inviting attendees to a meeting
The only thing that seems to take more time than a meeting is planning one.
Although Outlook can’t quiet the blowhard who bores everyone at weekly
staff meetings (gotta let the boss have some fun), or your Uncle Ralph at a
family gathering, it can reduce the time you spend planning them.
If you’re charged with that duty, you can get a boost from by
following these steps:
1. Follow the steps in this chapter’s “Entering an appointment” section.
2. With your calendar open, double-click the appointment to which you
want to invite others.
The appointment form opens.
3. Click the Invite People button at the bottom of the form.
The To field opens to let you add invitees.
4. Click Select People from your Contacts list.
Your Contacts list opens (see Figure 17-9).
5. Click a name to select it.
You can scroll down to see more contacts.
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