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Automated vacation replies/
out of office message
In the desktop version of Outlook you can set your Out of Office message
to let co-workers know when you’ll be out of town (or just plain
unavailable). You have a similar tool in, only it’s called the Automated
Vacation reply and it’s a great way to let all your friends know when you’re
on vacation (and make all of them envious). Just follow these steps:
1. From Mail, click the gear icon at the top of the screen.
2. Click More Mail Settings.
The Options page appears.
3. Click the words Sending Automated Vacation Replies under Managing
Your Account.
The Vacation dialog box appears.
4. Choose the Send Vacation Replies to People Who E-Mail Me option.
The circle next to this option darkens to show that you’ve selected it.
You can also add a detailed message, describing all the gory details of
why you’re absent. Figure 17-10 shows a typical example.
Figure 17-10:
If you’re
let people
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