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Exploring Your Options
5. Click the Save button.
The Options page closes.
Now you can stop feeling guilty about ignoring all those e-mails. (Well, okay,
maybe you’ll still feel a teeny bit guilty, but you’ve done your part.) Try
to remember to turn your Vacation Reply message off when you get back.
Otherwise, everyone will think that you’re still having fun without them.
Creating a signature
You get to decide when to include the one signature you’re allowed to create
in Your signature for business might be very grand and official,
the better to impress lackeys and sycophants as well as to intimidate rivals.
In that case, you might prefer to leave it off the messages you send to your
friends — unless, of course, your only friends are lackeys and sycophants.
Then, lay it on thick, Your Royal Highness!
Create a signature in by following these steps:
1. From Mail, click the gear icon at the top of the screen.
2. Click More Mail Settings.
The Options page appears.
3. Click the words Message Font and Signature under Writing E-mail.
The Message Font and Signature dialog box opens, as shown
Figure 17-11.
4. Type your signature text.
You can style the text using the formatting buttons at the top of the
5. Click Save.
The Options dialog box closes.
After you create a signature, it goes in every e-mail message that you send. Of
course, you can always delete the signature before you send an e-mail.
Also, if you choose Message Font and Signature in the Options menu, you
can change the font and point size of your e-mails. Just follow the preceding
instructions but make your selections within the Message Font part of the
dialog box.
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