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Understanding Outlook Web Access
Knowing when it’s handy
The desktop version of Outlook is much more powerful than Outlook Web
Access, but you may find it enormously convenient to get access to your
Outlook data when you find yourself in certain situations, such as
When you don’t want to lug a laptop on a very short business trip just to
check your e-mail.
When you really do have to work from home now and then, and you
don’t want to fuss with getting your home computer connected to the
office network.
When you want to do some simple planning and collaborating with your
office colleagues from someone else’s computer.
When you get an e-mail on a mobile device (such as an iPhone, Android,
or other smart device) and want to compose a more detailed response
than you’d attempt on the tiny thumb keyboard built into those devices.
When you need access to your e-mail and other Outlook data from
another kind of computer that won’t run Outlook. If you own one of
those tiny netbooks or an iPad, you might need to use Outlook Web
Access because some netbooks don’t run Microsoft Windows (and
neither does the iPad), so they can’t run the regular version of Outlook.
I like the fact that Outlook Web Access lets me dash off a quick answer to an
e-mail or put a task on my To-Do list from nearly anywhere I happen to be. That
way, details don’t escape me when I’m not sitting at my regular computer.
Outlook everywhere
Now that everyone is on the Internet and
everyone carries a cell phone (or the like), you can
have your Outlook information everywhere at all
times. You can access your Outlook information
four main ways:
✓ Outlook on your desktop
✓ Outlook Web Access
✓ A mobile device (such as an iPhone or
Why would you want four different ways to see
the same information? The desktop approach
offers more power and flexibility,
lets you read your e-mail and maintain your
Contacts list and calendar from any
web-connected device, Outlook Web Access gives you
access to your corporate e-mail account from
other people’s computers, and a mobile device
gives up-to-the-minute information and allows
you to respond on the run.
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