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Inbox spelled backward is Xobni, an add-in that helps you search, sort, and
analyze the information you store in Outlook. It can even tell you what time
of day your boss e-mails you most frequently. (Here’s a hint: Be available
then.) Some of Xobni’s better tricks have been added to Outlook already,
but you might still give the Xobni free trial version a whirl to see whether
you like it.
Microsoft SharePoint
Until now, Microsoft SharePoint was found most frequently in large
organizations that needed a way to share information and collaborate smoothly. The
program was too cumbersome and expensive for private users and home
businesses. Now anybody can buy a service called SharePoint Online, which
is what Microsoft is calling the subscription version of SharePoint that it
sells. You pay depending upon the level of service that you want.
If you have a regular team that collaborates on business projects, you
might consider trying SharePoint as a tool for sharing documents and
other information.
Microsoft Exchange
Many of the features that appear to be built into Outlook actually require you
to run a program called Microsoft Exchange. Exchange lets you share your
Outlook information with other people in your office and coordinate
meetings and tasks.
You can rent Microsoft Exchange accounts from many different vendors,
including Microsoft, for a monthly fee per user. For this topic, Go Daddy () provided Exchange hosting. Go Daddy does an
excellent job of providing good service and excellent support.
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