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Go Back to the Old Menus
folder. They also like to sort their folders in a very particular, highly efficient
order, which isn’t always alphabetical. Unfortunately, the Outlook Folder list
automatically sorts itself alphabetically, no exceptions. That drives
nitpickers nutty, but there’s no changing it.
Go Back to the Old Menus
Many people like the Ribbon better than Outlook’s old menu system. It’s
bigger and more colorful, no doubt. But if you learned to use computers
during the heyday of menus and toolbars, you might long to click the old,
familiar menus. Sorry, the Ribbon has it wrapped up for now.
Insert a Phone Number
into Your Calendar
When you enter an appointment, it would be nice if Outlook could look up
the phone number of the person you’re meeting and insert the number
into the appointment record. Many smartphones can do this through an
address lookup feature, but you can’t get Outlook to follow suit. Maybe
some other time.
Open a Message from the Reading Pane
If you’re like many people, the list of e-mail messages that you store in
Outlook serves as a historical record of everything you do. Maybe you scroll
back and forth through your messages from time to time to get a handle on
what you’ve sent to whom, and when. If your list is relatively long, and you
select one message to display in the Reading pane, and then scroll through
the list to look at a different message, you can’t just right-click the Reading
pane to open the message you’re viewing. It doesn’t seem like it would be
terribly difficult for Microsoft to include a right-click command to open the
message in the Reading pane, but it isn’t there.
Perform Two-Sided Printing
Some people like to print their schedule and keep it in a binder to look just
like one of those old-fashioned planner books. I guess they’re just
sentimental for the good ol’ paper-and-pencil days. The only problem with that is that
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