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Chapter 20: Ten Things You Can Do after You’re Comfy
Chapter 20
Ten Things You Can Do
after You’re Comfy
In This Chapter
Making the Quick Access toolbar your own
Creating artful e-mail
Translating incoming e-mail
Inserting symbols
Viewing many calendars
Moving calendars in front of each other
Customizing the number of days viewed
Choosing a group date
Pinning a contact card
If Outlook is an iceberg’s worth of capabilities, I can only show you the
tip in this topic. You can already do some formidable tasks with Outlook.
Time will tell (and pretty quickly at that) how much more you’ll be able to do
with future versions of Outlook, Internet Explorer, and all the other powerful
technology associated with those applications.
You can’t do much to really mess up Outlook, so feel free to experiment. Add
new fields, new views, new icons — go wild. This chapter describes a few
Outlook adventures to try out.
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