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Viewing Unusual Numbers of Days
Viewing Unusual Numbers of Days
When you’re looking at your calendar, you can decide to see only three days
or eight days (or, for that matter, any number between one and ten days).
Hold down the Alt key and type the number of days you want to see. Press
Alt+2 for two days, Alt+3 for three days, and so on. Pressing Alt+0 (zero) gives
you ten days.
Selecting Dates as a Group
When you’re viewing a range of dates, you don’t have to limit yourself to
fixed days, weeks, or months. Suppose that you want to look at a range of
dates from September 25 to October 5. On the To-Do bar, click September
25 and then (while pressing the Shift key) click October 5. All the dates in
between are selected and appear in the Information Viewer.
Turn on the Folder pane to reveal the Date Navigator, and then try it on the
calendar that displays in the left corner. The Date Navigator and this view are
described in Ch 8.
Pinning a Contact Card
If you want to keep a person’s contact information on-screen while you do
something else, you can hover your mouse pointer over a person’s e-mail
address until a little rectangle appears. That’s called a contact card. Near
the upper-right corner of the contact card there’s a tiny picture of a pushpin.
Click that picture to make the contact card float on the screen until you click
the picture again to make it go away.
You’ve pinned a contact and it’s not there any more? Don’t worry. That’s
probably because you’re using Outlook in its default full-screen mode. When
you click off the pinned contact, the full-screen Outlook screen hides it. Click
the Restore Down or Minimize button at the upper right of the Outlook screen.
See the contact now? Good.
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