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Sending a File to an E-Mail Recipient
When you choose an item from the New Items menu (see Figure 21-1), you can
create a new item in an Outlook module other than the one you’re in without
changing modules. For example, maybe you’re answering e-mail and you want
to create a task. Click the New Items button, choose Task, create your task,
and then keep working with your e-mail.
Figure 21-1:
The New
Items tool
with the
New Items
menu open.
Sending a File to an E-Mail Recipient
You can send a file via Outlook e-mail with only a few mouse clicks, even if
Outlook isn’t running. When you’re viewing files in Windows Explorer, you
can mark any file to be sent to any e-mail recipient. Here’s how:
1. Find the file in Windows Explorer.
2. Right-click the file that you want to send.
A menu appears.
3. Choose Send To.
Another menu appears.
4. Choose Mail Recipient.
A New Message form appears. An icon that represents the attached file
is in the text box.
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