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Resending a Message
When I find a new Outlook accessory vendor on the Web, I follow these steps:
1. Address your e-mail message.
I double-click the company’s e-mail address in my browser.
2. Click the Insert tab.
3. Click the Quick Parts button.
4. Choose the AutoText item that you saved.
I change the XX to the name of its product.
5. Click the Send button.
I can have a request out in less than 30 seconds and get on to my next task.
To use this feature, you must first store text blocks in Quick Parts:
1. In an e-mail message, appointment, contact record, meeting, or task,
type the text you want to repeatedly use.
2. Click the Insert tab.
3. Click Quick Parts located in the Text Group.
4. Save the selected text to the Quick Parts gallery.
You can create groups of Quick Part text for different purposes.
For example, you could generate introductory text or closing text
for different types of messages and store this text in the gallery under
Intro or Closings.
Resending a Message
Sometimes you need to remind someone who forgot to do something you
asked him or her to do. You could draft a whole new message reminding that
person how many times you’ve reminded him already. But it’s faster and
easier to do this:
1. Go to your Sent Items folder.
2. Double-click the message you sent last time.
3. Click Actions.
4. Choose Resend This Message.
You might also add a sentence saying “In case this didn’t reach you,
here’s another copy.”
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