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Doing Anything in Outlook the Easy Way
What’s new in Microsoft Outlook 2013
Outlook gets an upgrade every few years, along
with the rest of Microsoft Office, to stay up to
date with the way your work habits change.
This version of Outlook retains the powerful set
of tools the product always had, but changes
the way the screens and icons look, for easier
understanding. They’ve also changed the way
you buy the program, so that more people can
take advantage of the power of Outlook.
But the main benefit of using Outlook remains
the same — it offers a single tool that unifies
your communications with all your daily
activities and helps you get more done with
less effort.
Doing Anything in Outlook the Easy Way
Well, okay, maybe you can’t use Outlook to decipher hieroglyphics — but if
you know a little about basic techniques, you can do a lot in Outlook — click
an icon to do something, view something, or complete something.
Using Outlook is so easy, I can sum it up in just a few simple sentences to
cover the most common tasks:
Open an item and read it: Double-click the item.
Create a new item: Click an icon in the Folder pane, click a New button
in the Ribbon at the top of the screen, and fill out the form that appears.
When you’re done, click the Send button — or alternatively, click the
Save and Close buttons.
Delete an item: Click the item once to select it, and then click the Delete
icon in the Ribbon at the top of the screen. The Delete icon has a black X.
Move an item: Use your mouse to drag the item to where you want it.
Does that seem too simple? No problem. If you have an itch to complicate
things, you could try to use Outlook while hopping on a pogo stick or flying a
jet plane. But why? These four tricks can take you a long way.
Outlook can also do some sophisticated tricks, such as automatically sorting
your e-mail or creating form letters, but you’ll need to understand a few
details to take advantage of those tricks. The other 300 pages of this topic
cover the finer points of Outlook. If you only wanted the basics, I could’ve
sent you a postcard.
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