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E-Mail: Basic Delivery
Figure 1-1:
Doubleclick the
you want to
If you feel overwhelmed by the number of e-mail messages you get each
day, you’re not alone. Billions and billions of e-mail messages fly around
the Internet each day, and lots of people are feeling buried in messages. In
Chapter 6 I show you the secrets of sorting and managing your messages,
along with the Conversations feature, which makes it easy to deal with
extended e-mail discussions.
Answering e-mail
Anytime you’re reading an e-mail message in Outlook, buttons labeled Reply
and Reply All appear somewhere near the top of the screen. That’s a hint.
When you want to reply to a message you’re reading, do this:
1. Click the Reply button.
2. Type your response.
3. Click the Send button.
If you’re reading a message sent to several people besides you, you have
the option of sending a reply to everyone involved by clicking the Reply All
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