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Sending a File
Some people get carried away with the Reply All button and live to regret it. If
you get a message addressed to lots of other people and click the Reply All
button to fire back a snide response, you could instantly offend dozens of clients,
bosses, or other bigwigs. Use Reply All when you need it, but make sure that you
really know who’s getting your message before you click the Send button.
When you reply to a message, the text of the message that was sent to
you is automatically included. Some people like to include original text in
their replies, and some don’t. In Chapter 5, I show you how to change what
Outlook automatically includes in replies.
Creating new e-mail messages
At its easiest, the process of creating a new e-mail message in Outlook is
ridiculously simple. Even a child can do it. If you can’t get a child to create a
new e-mail message for you, you can even do it yourself.
If you see a button labeled New E-Mail in the upper-left corner of the screen,
just click it, fill out the form, and click the Send button. How’s that for simple?
If you don’t see the New E-Mail button, follow these steps instead:
1. Click the Mail button in the Navigation bar.
Your message list appears.
2. Click the New E-Mail button in the Ribbon.
The New Message form appears.
3. Fill out the New Message form.
Put the recipient’s address in the To box, a subject in the Subject box,
and a message in the main message box.
4. Click the Send button.
Your message is on its way.
If you want to send a plain e-mail message, that’s all you have to do. If you
prefer to send a fancy e-mail, Outlook provides the bells and whistles — some
of which are actually useful. You might (for example) send a High Priority
message to impress some big shots, or send a Confidential message about a
hushhush topic. (Discover the mysteries of confidential e-mail in Chapter 4.)
Sending a File
Some people swear that they do nothing but exchange e-mail all day.
Swearing is exactly what I’d do if I were in their shoes, believe me. If you’re
lucky, you probably do lots of things other than exchange e-mail; you
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