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Quick Calendar Keeping
Whew! When you’re just sending one Word file, these steps seem like a
long way to go, but they’ll always get your document on its way. For some
reason, the folks at Microsoft made this task more laborious as the years
have passed. But don’t be discouraged. If you e-mail documents frequently, I
describe a more powerful way to attach files in Chapter 5.
Quick Calendar Keeping
Time management is a myth. You can’t get more than 24 hours in a day, no
matter how well you manage it. But you can get more done in a 24-hour day if
you keep your calendar current. Outlook can help you with that.
Entering an appointment
If you’ve ever used an old-fashioned paper planner, the Outlook Calendar will
look familiar to you. When you click the Calendar button and then click the
Day tab, you see a grid in the middle of the screen with lines representing
each segment of the day. You can adjust the length of the segments from as
little as five minutes to as much as an hour (as in Figure 1-3).
Figure 1-3:
your busy
schedule in
the Outlook
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