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There’s No Place Like Home: Outlook’s Main Screen
running Outlook, you’re always using a module, even if the module has no
information — the same way your television can be tuned to a channel even if
nothing is showing on that channel. The name of the module you’re currently
using is displayed in large type at the top of the Information Viewer, so you
can easily tell which module is showing.
Folder pane
Information Viewer
Figure 2-1:
The Outlook
Each module is represented by a label along the bottom left edge of the
screen (pointed out in Figure 2-1). Clicking any label takes you to a different
Outlook module:
The Mail label takes you to the Inbox, which collects your incoming
The Calendar label shows your schedule and all your appointments.
The People label calls up a module that stores names and addresses for
you. Sometimes Outlook calls this the Contacts module — don’t worry,
they’re the same thing.
The Tasks label displays your To-Do list.
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