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Taking Peeks
Figure 2-7:
the search
types by
clicking the
button, then
a label to
reveal a list.
The best way to understand the Instant Search feature is to try it out. Just
type some information into the box to see what you get, and then click the X
to create a new search. If you get a lot of results, try using the More button to
narrow the list.
Taking Peeks
One new feature in Outlook 2013 is a small pop-up window, called a Peek,
that appears when you hover your mouse pointer over the Calendar, People,
or Task labels in the Navigation bar. It’s handy for when you’re replying to an
e-mail about an event that requires scheduling. You can take a quick peek at
your calendar while continuing to work on the e-mail. See Figure 2-8.
If you need a more detailed view, you can make the peek window larger by
clicking the icon in the top right corner of the peek screen or double-click the
Calendar, People, or Task label in the Navigation bar.
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