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Getting Help in Outlook
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Getting Help in Outlook
Even though Outlook is as user-friendly a program as you could hope to find,
at times you may want to take advantage of the efficient Outlook online Help
system when you’re temporarily stumped. (Of course, you can turn to this
book for help, but sometimes online help is faster.)
The Outlook Help system appears as a separate pop-up window whenever you
press F1. You can also launch Outlook Help by clicking the itsy-bitsy question
mark near the upper-right corner of the Outlook screen.
I can only guess why Microsoft gave other functions giant, circus-colored
buttons but relegated the Help button to an area slightly smaller than a gnat’s
navel. Maybe they want us all to go blind so we’ll need to buy Microsoft’s
marvelous computer speech programs. In any case, when you get the
Outlook Help system open, it finds answers to any question you type in the
text box at the top of the screen. When you type a question in the text box
and press Enter, a list of possible answers appears in the box following the
text box. Click the answer that seems best related to your question, and a full
explanation appears in a new window. The Help system includes lots of blue
text, just like you see in your Web browser, which you can click to see more
information about the blue-lettered topic.
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