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Keeping Friends Close and Enemies Closer
Keeping Friends Close
and Enemies Closer
You can drag an item from any other Outlook module to the Contacts button,
but the only item that makes sense to drag there is an e-mail message. That
is, you can drag an e-mail message to the Contacts button to create a contact
record that includes the e-mail address. You not only save work by dragging
a message to the Contacts button, but you also eliminate the risk of misspelling
the e-mail address.
To create a new contact record, follow these steps:
1. Click the Mail button in the Navigation bar (or press Ctrl+1).
A list of your current incoming e-mail messages appears.
2. Select the message for which you want to make a contact record.
3. Drag the selected message to the People button in the Navigation bar.
The New Contact form opens, with the name and e-mail address of the
person who sent the message filled in. Figure 3-3 shows a New Contact
form created this way.
Figure 3-3:
is creating
a contact
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