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Expanding Your Outlook Workspace
iPads and Outlook data
You can use and Outlook Web
Access on iPads, iPhones, or Android phones
or tablets, even though you can’t actually use
the desktop version of Outlook on one of those
devices. In those cases, you’re really using
Outlook data on a very slick web page, using
a browser such as Safari, Firefox, or Chrome. can act differently when you use
different browsers, but the differences can be
fairly small. However, is vastly
different than the desktop version in the ways
you can use drag-and-drop methods on a tablet.
For the most part, all you can do in
on an iPad or Android device is tap parts of the
screen with your finger to make certain things
happen (read an e-mail, find a contact, and the
like). You can’t drag anything anywhere — not
now, at least.
4. Click the Send button.
Your recipient gets an e-mail message with details about the meeting.
You can add additional comments in the text box.
If you plan to invite other people in your organization to a meeting and you
want to check their schedules to plan the meeting, you can also click the
Schedule button in the Ribbon.
Expanding Your Outlook Workspace
The Outlook screen packs a lot of information into a small space. That seems
efficient at first, but it’s also distracting, and distraction is the enemy of
productivity. You can minimize parts of the Outlook screen when you’re not
using them. By doing that, you’ll be more focused on the tasks that require
your concentration.
If you click the View tab on the Ribbon, you’ll see a section labeled Layout
containing a set of buttons that let you turn parts of the screen on and off
(see Figure 3-6). If you’re using your Outlook Calendar, those buttons will be
labeled Daily Task List, Folder Pane, Reading Pane, and To-Do bar. The layout
choices vary among different sections of Outlook. Click any of those buttons
to reveal a drop-down menu from which you can choose which parts of the
screen to turn on and off.
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