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Zen of the Right Button
Figure 3-6:
You can
expand and
parts of the
screen by
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on each of
the major
Zen of the Right Button
So far I’ve talked about holding down your mouse button as if your mouse
has only one button. But most PC mice have two buttons; some have even
more. Many people use only the left button and they get along just fine.
When you right-drag an item (drag it by holding down the right mouse button
instead of the left button), something different happens when you drop the
item off: A menu asks what result you want. I don’t always remember what’s
going to happen when I drag an item and drop it off, so I like to use the
rightdrag feature just to be sure.
For example, if you right-drag a contact to the Mail button, a menu with a
half-dozen choices appears. The choices include the following:
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