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Reading and Replying to E-Mail Messages
Figure 4-5:
You can see
a preview
of your
messages after
the Preview
Every module in Outlook has a collection of views that you can use to make
your information easier to use. The Preview view is the best way to look at
your incoming e-mail. In Chapter 16, I show you some other views that can
make your collection of e-mail messages more useful.
An even better way to zoom through your Inbox is to open the Reading pane,
an area of the Outlook screen that displays the contents of any message you
select. To set up your Reading pane, do this:
1. Select the View tab in the Ribbon.
2. Click the Reading Pane button.
3. Choose Right, Bottom, or Off.
You can’t go wrong with any of the three choices; if you don’t like one,
change to another. When you’ve turned on the Reading pane, you can skim
through your messages by pressing either the up-arrow or down-arrow key.
Sending a reply
The thing I love about e-mail is that sending a reply is so easy. You don’t even
need to know the person’s address when you’re sending a reply; just click the
Reply button and Outlook takes care of it for you.
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