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That’s Not My Department: Forwarding E-Mail
To forward a message, follow these steps:
1. Click the Mail button in the Navigation pane (or press Ctrl+Shift+I).
The Inbox screen opens, showing your incoming mail.
2. Click the title of the message you want to forward.
The message you selected appears in the Reading pane (see Figure 4-7).
You can forward the message as soon as you read it. If you’ve already
opened the message, you can skip the first two steps.
3. Click the Forward button.
The Forward screen appears (see Figure 4-8). The subject of the original
message is now the subject of the new message, except the letters FW:
(for Forward) are inserted at the beginning.
4. Click the To text box and type the e-mail address of the person to
whom you’re forwarding the message.
If the person to whom you’re forwarding the message is already entered
in your Address Book, just start typing the person’s name — Outlook
figures out the e-mail address for you.
5. Click the Cc text box and type the e-mail addresses of the people to
whom you also want to forward a copy of your message.
Figure 4-7:
message you
want to
forward is
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