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That’s Not My Department: Forwarding E-Mail
Many people forward trivia (such as jokes of the day) to scads of their
friends by e-mail. Most recipients are included as Cc addresses.
Remember, business e-mail etiquette is different from home e-mail
etiquette. Many employers have strict policies about appropriate use
of their corporate e-mail systems. If you work for such a company, be
aware of your company’s policies.
If you want to pester your friends by sending silly trivia from your home
computer to their home computers (as I do), that’s your own business.
6. In the text box, type any comments you want to add to the message.
The text of the original message appears in the text box. You can preface
the message that you’re forwarding if you want to give that person a bit
of explanation — for example, This is the 99th message I’ve had from
this person; somebody needs to get a life.
7. Click the Send button.
Your message is on its way.
Figure 4-8:
The Forward
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