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Blind Copying for Privacy
Blind Copying for Privacy
When you send a message to a large group, everyone who receives the
message can see the e-mail addresses in the To and Cc fields, which means
that you’ve just given out e-mail addresses that some people might rather
keep private. Everybody already gets way too many weird, unsolicited
e-mails, and many people get peeved when you broadcast their address
without permission.
Blind copies give you the best of both worlds. If you put all the e-mail
addresses in the Bcc field, nobody’s privacy is compromised. By using Bcc
(an old abbreviation for blind carbon copy, a quaint reminder to those who’ll
admit that they’re old enough to remember carbon paper), you can keep
secret addresses secret.
The Bcc field isn’t always displayed when you create a message in Outlook. If
you don’t see a box labeled Bcc right below the Cc box, click the Options tab
in the Ribbon and then click the Bcc button in the Choose Fields group.
Deleting Messages
You can zap an e-mail message without a second thought; you don’t even
have to read the thing. As soon as you see the Inbox list, you know who’s
sending the message and what it’s about, so you don’t have to waste time
reading Burt’s Bad Joke of the Day. Just zap it.
If you accidentally delete a message you didn’t want to lose, click the Deleted
Items folder. You’ll find all the messages you’ve deleted in the last few months
(unless you’ve emptied the Deleted Items folder). To recover a deleted message,
just drag it from the Deleted Items list to the icon for whichever folder you
want to put it in.
Here’s how you delete a message:
1. Click the Mail button in the Navigation pane (or press Ctrl+Shift+I).
The Inbox screen opens, showing your incoming mail.
2. Click the title of the message that you want to delete.
You don’t have to read the message; you can just delete it from the list.
3. Click the Delete button on the Home tab in the Ribbon (or just press
the Delete key on your keyboard).
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