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Chapter 5: E-Mail Tools You Can’t Do Without
Chapter 5
E-Mail Tools You Can’t Do Without
In This Chapter
Using flags and reminders with messages
Saving copies of sent messages
Setting options for replies and forwarding
Including your name with your comments in replies
Attaching files to messages
Setting up a signature
Outlook can do all sorts of tricks with the mail you send out, as well as
with the messages you receive. You can flag messages with reminders,
customize your messages with a signature, or add special formatting to the
messages you send as replies.
Some Outlook features work only if the system that’s backing it up supports
those same features, and some Outlook features work only if the person to
whom you’re mailing uses a system that supports the same features you’re
Microsoft Exchange Server is a program that runs on many corporate
networks — which adds a number of features to Outlook, such as accessing
someone else’s Inbox or diverting messages to someone else. If you want to
know more about the features you may have on a corporate network with
Microsoft Exchange Server, see Chapter 14. If you’re not among the fortunate
ones who have Exchange Server, don’t worry — Outlook can still do plenty
all by itself.
Nagging by Flagging
Over time, flags have become one of my favorite Outlook features. I get
thousands of messages each week, and I need help remembering to get back
to important messages that otherwise might get lost in the shuffle. If I can’t
respond to an important message right away, I like to flag that message as
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