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Rehearsing Your Slide Timings
Figure 6-5: Using the pen tool.
To use the pen tool to draw on a slide, click the Pen and Laser Pointer button
in Presenter View (shown in the margin) and select the Pen tool. Then, use
your mouse to draw on the slide, holding down the left button and dragging
the mouse around as best you can to leave your mark.
Here are some additional thoughts worth mentioning:
Instead of a solid pen, you can also use a transparent highlighter. Just
choose the Highlighter tool instead of the Pen tool, then use the mouse
to mark on the slide. Note that the Highlighter tool works best on slides
that have a light background.
If you wish, you can change the color of the marks left by the pen tool.
Click the Pen and Laser Pointer button, and then choose Ink Color and
select the color you’d like to use.
When you finish your presentation, you are given the option to keep
your doodles as annotations in your presentation. Then, you won’t have
to redraw the doodles next time.
Rehearsing Your Slide Timings
You can use the PowerPoint Rehearsal feature to rehearse your presentation.
The Rehearsal feature lets you know how long your presentation takes, and it
can even set slide timings so that the slides automatically advance based on
the timings you set during the rehearsal.
To rehearse a slide show, click the Rehearse Timings button in the Set Up
section of the Slide Show Ribbon tab (shown in the margin). This starts the
slide show, with a special Recording dialog box visible, as shown in Figure 6-6.
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