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Showing Your Presentation Online
Hiding slides
If you don’t want to go to all the trouble of creating a custom show, but you
want to exclude a few slides from a presentation, you don’t have to delete the
slides. Instead, you can hide them. To hide a slide, select the slide and then
click Hide Slide in the Slide Show Ribbon tab. To unhide a slide, select the
slide and click the button again. (You can determine which slides have been
hidden by looking at the slide in the Slides tab on the left. If the slide number
has a slash through it, the slide is hidden.)
Showing Your Presentation Online
PowerPoint 2013 includes a new online presentation feature that makes it
ridiculously easy to share your presentation with other people remotely over
the Internet. To use it, simply follow these steps:
1. Click the Present Online button in the Slide Show Ribbon tab (shown
in the margin).
Doing this brings up the Present Online dialog box, shown in Figure 6-8.
Figure 6-8: Showing a presentation online.
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