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Chapter 7: All about Fonts and Text Formatting
All about Fonts and
Text Formatting
In This Chapter
Using bold, italics, underlining, and other character effects
Changing the text font, size, and color
Using bullets and numbers
Tabbing and indenting
Spacing out lines of text
Aligning text
Making fanciful text with the WordArt feature
A good presentation is like a fireworks show: At every
new slide, the audience gasps, “O-o-o-h. A-a-a-h.”
The audience is so stunned by the spectacular
appearance of your slides that no one really bothers to read
This chapter gets you on the road toward ooohs
and aaahs by showing you how to format text. If
you use PowerPoint templates as the basis for
your presentations, your text is already formatted
acceptably. To really pull out the pyrotechnic stops,
however, you have to know a few basic formatting
Many PowerPoint text-formatting capabilities work the
same as in Microsoft Word. If you want to format text a certain
way and you know how to do it in Word, try formatting the same
way in PowerPoint. Odds are good that it works.
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