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Changing the Look of Your Text
It’s true — PowerPoint has many keyboard shortcuts for character
formatting. You don’t have to know them all, though. The only ones I know and use
routinely are the shortcuts for bold, italic, underline, and clear all formatting.
Study these and you’ll be in good shape. You get the added bonus that these
keyboard shortcuts are the same as the shortcuts that many other Windows
programs use. If you’re mouse-happy and keyboard-annoyed, click away for
goodness’ sake. What matters most is that you can easily find and use what
you need.
Two ways to apply formatting
You can format text in two basic ways:
To format existing text, highlight the text that you want to format. Then,
click the toolbar button or use the keyboard shortcut for the format that
you want. For example, to make existing text bold, highlight it and then
click the Bold button or press Ctrl+B.
To type new text using a fancy format, click the toolbar button or use
the keyboard shortcut for the format. Then, type away. The text that
you type is given the format you selected. To return to normal
formatting, click the button or use the keyboard shortcut again. Or press
Changing the size of characters
Whether text is difficult to read or you simply want to draw attention to it,
you can make part of the text bigger than the surrounding text. The easiest
way to change the size of your text is to use the Font Size drop-down list
that appears next to the font name in the Font group on the Home tab. Just
choose among the sizes that appear in the Font Size drop-down list or click in
the Font Size box and type whatever size you want to use.
You can also change the size of your text by using the Increase Font Size
or Decrease Font Size buttons, or by using the Ctrl+Shift+> or Ctrl+Shift+<
keyboard shortcuts. These commands increase or decrease the font size in
steps, respectively.
If you type more text than will fit in a text placeholder, PowerPoint will
automatically make your text smaller so that the text will fit within the placeholder.
Choosing text fonts
If you don’t like the looks of a text font, you can switch easily to a different
font. To change the font for existing text, select the text. Then click the arrow
next to the Font control (found in the Font group of the Home tab) and choose
the font that you want to use. If you’re allergic to the mouse, you can get to
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