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Changing the Look of Your Text
the font list by pressing Ctrl+Shift+F. Then you can use the up- or down-arrow
keys to choose the font you want to use.
Here are a gaggle of additional points to ponder concerning fonts:
Although you can change the font from the Font dialog box, the Font
control on the Ribbon has one major advantage over the Font dialog
box: It displays each of your fonts by using the font itself, so you can see
what each font looks like before you apply it to your text. In contrast,
the Font dialog box displays the name of each font by using the standard
Windows system font.
If you want to change the font for all the slides in your presentation,
switch to Slide Master View and then change the font. Details on how to
do so are covered in Chapter 10.
PowerPoint automatically moves the fonts that you use the most to the
head of the font list. This feature makes picking your favorite font even
Don’t overdo it with fonts! Just because you have many different font
choices doesn’t mean that you should try to use them all on the same
slide. Don’t mix more than two or three typefaces on a slide, and use
fonts consistently throughout the presentation.
If you want to set a font that is used consistently throughout a
presentation, the best way to do so is to set the font for the presentation’s
theme. For more information, see Chapter 8.
Adding color to your text
Color is an excellent way to draw attention to text in a slide. To change text
color, first select the text whose color you want to change. Then click the
Font Color button and choose the color that you want to use from the color
menu that appears.
If you don’t like any color that the Font Color button offers, click More Colors.
A bigger dialog box with more color choices appears. If you still can’t find the
right shade of teal, click the Custom tab and have at it. Check out Chapter 9 if
you need further help with colors.
If you want to change the text color for your entire presentation, do so in the
Slide Master View (see Chapter 10 for details). And you can refer to Chapter 8
for information about changing font colors by using the theme.
Adding shadows
Adding a shadow behind your text can make the text stand out against its
background, which makes the entire slide easier to read. For that reason,
many of the templates supplied with PowerPoint use shadows.
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