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Big Picture Text Formatting
that appears. For additional color choices, choose More Colors to call
up a dialog box that offers a complete range of color choices. (For more
information about using colors, see Chapter 8.)
Use images for your bullet characters: To use a picture bullet, click the
Picture button located in the lower right of the Bullets and Numbering
dialog box. This click brings up the dialog box shown in Figure 7-5, which
lets you choose from several sources for a picture to use as a bullet.
Figure 7-5: Using a picture bullet.
Creating numbered lists
If you want your slide to include a numbered list, use the Numbering button,
which appears next to the Bullets button on the Home tab. When you click
the Numbering button, PowerPoint adds simple numbers to the selected
If you want to change the numbering format, click the arrow next to the
Numbering button to display a list of number style choices. Then you can
select the style that suits your fancy.
If none of the styles in the list are right, choose Bullets and Numbering to
reveal the numbering options shown on the Numbered tab of the Bullets and
Numbering dialog box. See Figure 7-6.
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