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Big Picture Text Formatting
Rulers appear above and to the left of the presentation window and
show the current tab and indentation settings.
3. Select the text object whose tabs or indents you want to change.
Each text object has its own tabs and indents settings. After you click a
text object, the ruler shows that object’s tabs and indents.
4. Click the ruler to add a tab stop.
Move the cursor to the ruler location where you want to add a tab stop
and then click. A tab stop appears.
5. Grab the indentation doohickey and then drag it to change the
The indentation doohickey (that’s not its official name) is the control
that looks like an hourglass sitting on a little box, normally positioned
at the left side of the ruler. It actually consists of three parts: the top
upside-down triangle sets the indentation for the first line of the
paragraph, the middle triangle sets the indentation for the remaining lines
of the paragraph, and the box at the bottom sets the indentation for the
paragraph. Try dragging the different parts of the indentation doohickey
to see what happens. Have fun. Good luck.
Each text object is initially set up with default tab stops set at every inch.
When you add a tab stop, any default tab stops located to the left of the new
tab stop disappear.
To remove a tab stop, use the mouse to drag the tab stop off the ruler. (For
instance, click the tab stop, drag it off the ruler, and then release the mouse
Spacing out
Feeling a little spaced out? Try tightening the space between text lines. Feeling
cramped? Space out the lines a little. These steps show you how to do it all:
1. Highlight the paragraph — or paragraphs — whose line spacing you
want to change.
2. Click the Line Spacing button and then select the amount of line
spacing you want.
The Line Spacing button displays the most common line spacing
options: 1.0, 1.5, 2.0, 2.5, and 3.0. If you want to set the line spacing to a
value that’s not shown on the Line Spacing button, select Line Spacing
Options to display the Paragraph dialog box, as shown in Figure 7-7.
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