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Don’t even bother with this stuff about tab types
PowerPoint isn’t limited to just boring left-aligned
tabs. In all, it has four distinct types of tabs: left,
right, center, and decimal. The square button that
appears at the far-left side of the ruler when you
select text tells you which type of tab is added
when you click the ruler. Click this button to cycle
through the four types of tabs:
Standard left-aligned tab: Press Tab to
advance the text to the tab stop.
Right-aligned tab: Text is aligned flush right
with the tab stop.
Centered tab: Text lines up centered over
the tab stop.
Decimal tab: Numbers line up with the
decimal point centered over the tab stop.
Figure 7-7: Change the line spacing.
Lining things up
PowerPoint enables you to control the way your text lines up on the slide.
You can center text, line it up flush left or flush right, or justify it. You can
change these alignments by using the alignment buttons in the Paragraph
group on the Home tab. You can also use the keyboard shortcuts described
in Table 7-2.
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