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Creating Fancy Text with WordArt
3. Click the More button found at the bottom of the scroll bar to the right
of the predefined WordArt styles.
The WordArt Quick Styles gallery appears, as shown in Figure 7-10.
4. Select the WordArt style that most closely resembles the formatting
you want to apply.
Don’t worry if none of the gallery choices exactly match the effect you
want; you can tweak the text’s appearance later.
5. Fool around with other WordArt controls in the WordArt Styles group
of the Drawing Tools Format tab.
Table 7-3 describes the other controls in the WordArt Styles group.
Experiment with these controls as much as you want until you get the
text to look just right.
Figure 7-10: The WordArt Quick Styles gallery.
Table 7-3
Buttons on the WordArt Drawing Tools Format Tab
What It’s Called
What It Does
Text Fill
Sets the fill color. The fill can be a simple
color, a gradient (which blends two or more
colors), a picture, a pattern, or a texture.
Text Outline
Sets the properties of the text outline. You
can select a color, a pattern, and a thickness.
Text Effects
Lets you apply fancy text effects such as
shadows, reflections, glowing text, beveled text, 3-D
rotations, and transforms.
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