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Creating Fancy Text with WordArt
The Text Effects button is the key to creating fancy logos, such as text that wraps
around circles or text that has a three-dimensional look. When you click this
button, a menu with various text formatting options appears. Table 7-4 lists
the formatting options available on this menu.
Table 7-4
Formatting Options on the Text Effects Menu
What It’s Called
What It Does
Adds a shadow to the text. The shadow can
be directly behind the text, or it can appear
beneath the text, which creates the
impression that the text is floating above an
invisible surface.
Creates a faint reflection on an invisible
surface beneath the text.
Adds a glowing effect to the text.
Adds a beveled effect to the text, which
creates the impression that the text has
been chiseled from a solid object.
3-D Rotation
Rotates the text around three dimensions.
Transforms the overall shape of the text.
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