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Chapter 8: Designing Your Slides
Designing Your Slides
In This Chapter
Understanding how to use themes
Using theme colors, fonts, and effects
Playing with the background
One of the most bothersome tasks of putting together a good PowerPoint
presentation is making the presentation look good. Always wanting to
be helpful in such matters, Microsoft has endowed PowerPoint with a feature
called themes that lets you create good-looking slides in minutes. One of the
best features of themes is that they work not only in PowerPoint, but also
in Word and Excel. Thus, you can use themes to create PowerPoint
presentations, Word documents, and Excel spreadsheets that have a consistent
The main access to PowerPoint themes is from the Design
tab on the Ribbon. This entire chapter is devoted to
this Design tab. To keep things simple, I approach this
most useful tab from left to right even though that’s
not always the order in which you use the controls
it contains.
Looking at the Design Tab
To get things started, Figure 8-1 shows the Design
tab on the Ribbon. As you can see, the Design tab
contains several groups of controls that let you set various
aspects of the slide design used within your presentation.
You can summon the Design tab by clicking it on the Ribbon
or by using the handy keyboard shortcut Alt+G.
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