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Working with Themes
Figure 8-1: The Design tab.
The following list describes the general purpose of each group of controls on
the Design tab:
Themes: Lets you apply a theme to the presentation. This is the group
you work with most while you play with the design of your slides.
Variants: Lets you choose from several minor variants of a given theme.
Customize: Lets you change the slide size and background appearance.
Working with Themes
The Themes group of the Design tab lets you select a theme to apply to your
slides. PowerPoint 2013 comes with a ton of carefully crafted themes that
give a professional look to your presentations. If you’re somewhat artsy, you
can design your own themes, as well.
A theme is a set of design elements that are applied to one or more slides in a
presentation. Each theme includes several basic components:
A set of colors that work well together. Each theme has four colors that
can be used for text or backgrounds and six colors that can be used for
A set of fonts that looks good when used together. Each theme has a
font used for headings and a font used for regular text.
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