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Working with Themes
When you apply a theme, the color scheme for that theme is applied along
with the other elements of the theme. However, PowerPoint lets you change
the color scheme from the scheme that comes with the theme. For example,
you can apply a theme such as Opulent but then change the color scheme to
the scheme from the Verve theme.
Applying a color scheme
To change the standard color scheme used for your slides, you must first
switch to Slide Master view. You find out more about working with Slide
Masters in Chapter 10, but for now just realize that a Slide Master controls
the overall appearance of one or more slides. To switch to Slide Master
view, open the View tab in the Ribbon and click the Slide Master button. In
the Background group, you’ll find a Colors button, which you can click to
reveal the drop-down list shown in Figure 8-3. Then you can choose the color
scheme you want to apply.
Figure 8-3: The Colors drop-down list.
Creating your own color scheme
If you don’t like any color schemes that come with the built-in themes, you
can create your own color scheme. Here are the steps:
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