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Changing the Slide Size
Figure 8-8: Changing theme fonts.
Applying theme effects
Another major component of PowerPoint themes are the theme effects, which
apply subtle variations to the graphical look of your presentations. Theme
effects are applied automatically whenever you apply a theme. However, you
can apply theme effects from a different theme by clicking the Effects button
at the right side of the Themes group on the Design tab on the Ribbon. This
brings up the Theme Effects gallery, as shown in Figure 8-9. You can choose
any of the theme effects listed.
Figure 8-9: Changing theme effects.
Changing the Slide Size
The Customize group of the Design ribbon tab includes a Slide Size control
that lets you change the size of the slide from standard to widescreen. You
should use widescreen only if you plan on showing the presentation on a
projector that displays in widescreen format.
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