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Using Background Styles
Using Background Styles
A background style is a combination of a background color chosen from a
theme color scheme and a background fill effect. The color scheme always
includes four colors that can be used for the background — two light colors
and two dark colors. In addition, you can choose from three background fill
effects. These three fills are Subtle, Moderate, and Intense. For example, the
Subtle fill might be a solid color, the Moderate fill might be a gentle pattern
applied to the color, and the Intense fill might be a bold gradient fill.
Each combination of the four background colors and three background fills is a
background style. Thus, each theme provides a total of 12 background styles.
To apply one of the theme’s background styles to your presentation, use the
Background Styles control in the Background group on the Design tab. This
control reveals the Background Styles gallery, as shown in Figure 8-11.
Figure 8-11: Changing the background style.
Using a gradient fill
You may have noticed that the slide background used in many PowerPoint
templates is not a solid color. Instead, the color is gradually shaded from top
to bottom. This type of shading — gradient fill — creates an interesting visual
effect. For example, look at the slide shown in Figure 8-12. This slide was
based on the standard Office Theme that comes with PowerPoint 2013. The
background is light pink in the center and fades to darker pink on the edges.
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