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Customizing Your Animation
Figure 9-8: The settings dialog box for an animation effect.
More about animating text
The most common reason for animating text is to draw attention to your text
one paragraph at a time while you show your presentation. One way to do
this is to create an entrance effect for the text placeholder and then adjust
the effect settings so that the entrance effect is applied one paragraph at a
time. When you do that, your slide initially appears empty except for the title.
Click once, and the first paragraph appears. Talk about that paragraph for a
while and then click again to bring up the second paragraph. You can keep
talking and clicking until all the paragraphs have appeared. When you click
again, PowerPoint calls up the next slide.
Another approach is to use an emphasis effect instead of an entrance effect.
This sort of effect allows all the paragraphs to display initially on the slide.
When you click the mouse, the emphasis effect is applied to the first
paragraph — it changes colors, increases in size, spins, whatever. Each time you
click, the emphasis effect is applied to the next paragraph in sequence.
Either way, you must first add the effect for the text placeholder and then call
up the Effect Settings dialog box by clicking the down arrow next to the effect
in the custom animation list and then choosing Effect Settings. Doing this
summons the settings dialog box for the text object. Click the Text Animation
tab to see the animation settings, shown in Figure 9-9.
The Group Text setting, found on the Text Animation tab of the Animation
Settings dialog box, controls how paragraphs appear when you click the
mouse during the show, based on the paragraph’s outline level. If you have
only one outline level on the slide, grouping By 1st Level Paragraphs will do.
If you have two or more levels, grouping text By 1st Level Paragraphs causes
each paragraph to be animated along with any paragraphs that are
subordinate to it. If you’d rather animate the second-level paragraphs separately,
group your text By 2nd Level Paragraphs instead.
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