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Customizing Your Animation
• Direction: From Top-Right
• Duration: 2 Seconds
3. Add a Fly In entrance effect for the bottom piece with the following
• Start: With Previous
• Direction: From Bottom
• Duration: 2 Seconds
For even more control over an effect’s timings, click the down arrow to the
right of the effect and then choose Timing. A dialog box similar to the one in
Figure 9-11 appears. Here’s the lowdown on the timing settings:
Start: This is the same as the Start setting in the Custom Animation task
Delay: This lets you delay the start of the animation by a specified
number of seconds.
Duration: This is the same as the Speed setting in the Custom Animation
task pane.
Repeat: This lets you repeat the effect so that the object is animated
several times in succession.
Rewind When Done Playing: Certain effects leave the object in a
different condition than the object was when you started. For example,
the object might change color or size or move to a new position on the
slide. If you select the Rewind When Done Playing option, the object is
restored to its original condition when the animation finishes.
Figure 9-11: Establishing the timing settings.
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