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Adjusting the Handout and Notes Masters
Adding new layouts
If you don’t like the standard layouts that come with PowerPoint’s built-in
Slide Master, you can add a layout and customize it any way you want. To
add your own layout, just follow these steps:
1. Switch to Slide Master View by choosing View Presentation
Views Slide Master or Shift+click the Normal View button near the
bottom right of the window.
2. On the Slide Master tab on the Ribbon, click Insert Layout in the Edit
Master group.
A new, blank layout is inserted in the current Slide Master.
3. Use the Insert Placeholder drop-down list in the Master Layout group
on the Slide Master tab on the Ribbon to insert whatever placeholders
you want to add to the new layout.
This control reveals a list of placeholder types you can insert. The options
are Content, Text, Picture, Chart, Table, Diagram, Media, and Clip Art.
4. Play with the layout until you get it just right.
You can move and resize the placeholders to your heart’s content, and
you can apply any formatting or other options you want for the layout.
5. When you’re happy, click the Close Master View button to switch back
to Normal View.
Adjusting the Handout and Notes Masters
Like the Slide Master, the Handout and Notes Masters contain formatting
information that’s applied automatically to your presentation. This section
tells you how you can modify these Masters.
Changing the Handout Master
Follow these simple steps to change the Handout Master:
1. Choose View Presentation Views Handout Master or hold down the
Shift key while clicking the Slide Sorter View button.
The Handout Master rears its ugly head, as shown in Figure 10-3. Notice
that it includes a special Handout Master tab on the Ribbon.
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