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Using Masters
At the very least, add page numbers to your speaker notes. That way, if you
drop a stack of notes pages, you can use the page numbers to quickly sort
them back into order.
If public speaking gives you severe stomach cramps, add the text “Just
picture them naked” to the Notes Master. It works every time for me.
Using Masters
You don’t have to do anything special to apply the formats from a Master
to your slide; all slides automatically pick up the Master format unless you
specify otherwise. So this section really should be titled “Not Using Masters”
because it talks about how to not use the formats provided by Masters.
Overriding the Master text style
To override the text style specified by a Slide Master, simply format the text
however you want while you’re working in Normal View. The formatting
changes you make apply only to the selected text. The Slide Masters aren’t
The only way to change one of the Masters is to do it directly by switching to
the appropriate Master View. Therefore, any formatting changes you make
while in Slide View affect only that slide.
If you change the layout or formatting of text elements on a slide (for example,
if you move the title placeholder or change the title font) and then decide that
you liked it better the way it was, you can quickly reapply the text style from
the Slide Master. Right-click the slide in the Slide Preview pane (on the left side
of the screen) and then choose Reset Slide from the menu that appears.
Hiding background objects
Slide Masters enable you to add background objects that appear on every
slide in your presentation. You can, however, hide the background objects
for selected slides. You can also change the background color or effect used
for an individual slide. These steps show you how:
1. Display the slide that you want to show with a plain background.
2. Click the Design tab on the Ribbon and then select the Hide
Background Graphics check box found in the Background group.
Hiding background objects or changing the background color or effect
applies only to the current slide. Other slides are unaffected.
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