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Yes, You Can Serve Two Masters
5. If you want the date, number, and footer to appear on every slide
except for the title slide, select the Don’t Show on Title Slide check box.
6. Click Apply to All.
If you’re going to give a presentation on a certain date in the future (for
example, at a sales conference or a trade show), type the date that you’ll be
giving the presentation directly into the Fixed text box. You can use the same
technique to postdate presentations that you never really gave but need to
supply to your legal counsel to back up your alibi. (You can also type any
other type of text you want to appear here.)
If you want to change the Footer areas for just one slide, click Apply instead
of Apply to All. This option comes in handy for those occasional slides that
contain a graphic or a block of text that crowds up against the footer areas.
You can easily suppress the footer information for that slide to make room
for the large graphic or text.
Adding a header or footer to notes or handouts pages
To add header and footer information to notes or handouts pages, follow the
steps described in the preceding section, “Adding a date, number, or footer
to slides,” except click the Notes and Handouts tab after the Header and
Footer dialog box appears. Clicking this tab displays a dialog box that’s
similar to the Header and Footer dialog box for Slide, except that it gives you an
additional option to add a header that appears at the top of each page. After
you indicate how you want to print the Date, Header, Number, and Footer
areas, click the Apply to All button.
Editing the header and footer placeholders directly
If you want, you can edit the text that appears in the header and footer
placeholders directly. First, display the appropriate Master — Slide, Handout, or
Notes. Then click the date, number, footer, or header placeholder and start
You may notice that the placeholders include special codes for the options
that you indicated in the Header and Footer dialog box. For example, the date
placeholder may contain the text <date,time> if you indicated that the date
should be displayed. You can type text before or after these codes, but you
should leave the codes themselves alone.
Yes, You Can Serve Two Masters
In spite of the Biblical edict, Microsoft has endowed PowerPoint with the
capability to have more than one Slide Master. This feature lets you set up
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