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Yes, You Can Serve Two Masters
two or more Slide Masters and then choose which Master you want to use for
each slide in your presentation.
The following sections explain how to use the multiple Masters feature.
Creating a new Slide Master
To add a new Master to a presentation, follow these steps:
1. Switch to Slide Master View.
From the View tab on the Ribbon, click the Slide Master button (found in
the Presentation Views group). Or if you prefer, hold down the Shift key
and click the Normal View button near the lower-right corner of the screen.
2. In the Slide Master tab on the Ribbon, click the Insert Slide Master
button in the Edit Master group.
A new Slide Master appears, as shown in Figure 10-6. Notice that a
thumbnail for the new Slide Master is added to the list of thumbnails on the
left side of the screen, and that the new Slide Master uses PowerPoint’s
default settings (white background, black text, and so forth).
Figure 10-6: Creating a new Slide Master.
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