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Yes, You Can Serve Two Masters
Figure 10-7: Choosing a layout.
Preserving your masters
PowerPoint has a bad habit of deleting Slide Masters when they’re no longer
used in your presentation. For example, if you create a new Slide Master and
then apply it to all the slides in your presentation, PowerPoint assumes that
you no longer need the original Slide Master. So, the original is deleted. Poof!
Your presentation is now one pickle short of a full jar.
You can prevent this from happening with the Preserve Master option for
your Slide Masters. Any new Slide Masters that you create automatically get
the Preserve Master option, so they won’t be deleted. However, the Slide
Masters that your presentations start off with don’t have the Preserve Master
option, so you may want to set it yourself.
To preserve a Master, switch to Slide Master View, click the thumbnail for
the Master that you want to preserve, and then click the Preserve button on
the Slide Master tab on the Ribbon (found in the Edit Master group). A little
pushpin icon appears next to the Master’s thumbnail to show that the Master
will be preserved.
Don’t click the Preserve button indiscriminately! If you click it for a Master
that already has the Preserve Master setting, Preserve Master is removed
for that Master. Then the Master is subject to premature deletion.
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