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Part III: Embellishing Your Slides
In this part . . .
✓ Get familiar with about the different types of computer pictures,
how you can insert them into a PowerPoint slide, and how you
can fiddle with them to get them to look better.
✓ Find out about the powerful drawing tools of PowerPoint
✓ Understand how to add a chart to your presentation and get it
to look the way you want.
✓ Learn to add all sorts of embellishments to your slides,
including one of the coolest ways to embellish your slides — adding
special diagrams called SmartArt .
✓ Discover how to include and edit video and sound elements in
your slide show, thus giving you the power to craft some
impressive high-tech presentations.
✓ Know how to insert tables, WordArt, hyperlinks, and actions
into your presentations.
✓ Find out how to hyperlink your slide to summon another slide,
another presentation, or some other type of document (such as
a Word document or an Excel spreadsheet) at www.dummies.
com/extras/powerpoint2013 .
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