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Using Pictures contains only a limited selection of clip art images, and many of
those are a bit too cartoonish for my tastes. You may have better results if
you search for Bing images rather than images. To search Bing,
just type your keyword in the Search Bing text box instead of the Search text box. Figure 11-4 gives a sampling of the results generated
when I searched for “Shakespeare” on Bing.
Figure 11-4: Bing often has better images than
Note that some of the images displayed by Bing’s image search may be
copyrighted, so you must ensure that you have permission from the copyright
holder before using images found on Bing.
Moving, sizing, and stretching pictures
Because PowerPoint chooses an arbitrary position on the slide to insert
pictures, you undoubtedly want to move the clip art to a more convenient
location. You probably also want to change the size of the picture if it’s too big or
too small for your slide.
Follow these steps to force your inserted clip art into full compliance:
1. Click the picture and drag it wherever you want.
You don’t have to worry about clicking exactly the edge of the picture or
one of its lines; just click anywhere in the picture and drag it around.
2. Notice the eight handles. Drag one of them to resize the picture.
You can click and drag any of these handles to adjust the size of the
picture. When you click one of the corner handles, you can change the
height and width of the picture at the same time. When you drag one of
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