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Inserting Pictures from a File
3. Dig through the bottom of your hard drive until you find the file that
you want.
The picture you want might be anywhere. Fortunately, the Insert Picture
dialog box has all the controls you need to search high and low until
you find the file. Just click the icons at the left side of the box and you’re
halfway there.
4. Click the file and then click Insert.
You’re done! Figure 11-6 shows how a picture appears when it has been
inserted on a slide.
Figure 11-6: What a good boy!
As you can see in Figure 11-6, PowerPoint scales your pictures so that they
fill as much of the slide as possible. You need to resize the picture if you want
it to be smaller. Just select the picture and then drag one of the size handles
in the corner of the picture.
You also can paste a picture directly into PowerPoint by way of the
Clipboard. Anything that you can copy to the Clipboard can be pasted into
PowerPoint. For example, you can doodle a sketch in Paintbrush, copy it, and
then zap over to PowerPoint and paste it. Voilà — instant picture!
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